Points of Therapy

Notes from the Therapist

1) Make sure the location is quiet, peaceful and subdued.

The work-space and environment must be right to guide the client to a place of extreme relaxation and deliverance. My loft is set up in a super quiet manner to shut down the mind and get the client into a state of bliss.

2) Use the right massage lubricant.

The lubricant you use for a client’s massage could be the difference between the client receiving the massage of their dreams or deciding to never return. Massage oils and creams vary, but you must be able to choose the right one for each occasion and client.

The next one is a very personal tip and has helped me perform great massages and make the client feel as comfortable as possible.

3) Phone interview before booking the client.

Each person needs to be able to feel relaxed even before they lay down on the table. I do the interview to understand where they’re coming from, what are their needs and how I can do the best massage for them. This gives the client an extra level of confidence and comfort even before I lay my hands on them.

4) Never rush a client off the table.

The state of relaxation must persist throughout the entire session and the masseur cannot throw that away by making a client feel rushed near the end of the massage. For this, I recommend to never, NEVER schedule people back to back. The masseur must take his/her time on each client and make them feel special.

5) Ask for feedback.

A good masseur will always be looking for feedback. What did the client like? What didn’t he like? What can I do better? How can I improve? All this helps the magic-hand expert to develop better techniques and dish out better massages each time he/her puts his/her hands on a person. We can always be better, and a good masseur will always find ways to improve and make the client fall in love with his/her hands.

6) Your Massage.

Your massage can be so much more than the traditional massage. I offer the unique opportunity for you to explore all aspects of your being. Your physical and mental health depend on more than just your muscles. I will help you explore your sensuality, sexuality, and help unlock some of you deepest fantasies. The result is a physical and mental explosion, a release as you have never felt before. You are encouraged to verbalize the areas of your life and body you would like to explore. Or you can relax and trust me to take you on a gentle, subtle journey.

From the top of your head to the soles of your feet I will reach all the nerve endings that excite you and perhaps find parts you didn’t know you had. Erotic stimulation opens your mind and body. To enhance the experience you can be blindfolded for higher levels of excitement and stimulation. You do not have to worry about being judged on your performance. You do not have to worry about your technique. Lay back and accept my ministrations as my hands glide across your body. Surrender to Your feelings and desires.

Your body will lead me to areas where you need to be touched. Your total satisfaction and fulfillment is the goal. What happens here stays here. It is yours and yours alone. I am privileged to help people destroy myths, unlock inhibitions and see who and what they can become.

Ultimately what you do, or allow to be done is your decision. How you decide to have the session end is your decision. I try to create the environment where all things are possible and where you feel safe knowing your dignity and privacy are always foremost.

7) Why a massage can help?
     Massage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy and is a system of stroking, pressing and kneading on key areas of the body to relieve pain, relax, stimulate, and tone the body. Massage does much more than create a pleasant sensation on the skin, it also works on the soft tissues(the muscles, tendons, and ligaments) to improve muscle tone. Although it largely affects those muscles just under the skin, its benefits may also reach the deeper layers of muscle and possibly even the organs themselves. Massage also stimulates blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system (which runs parallel to the circulatory system), improving the proper cycle of natural bodily habits.

8) The Effects Of Massage:

Although a single massage will be enjoyable, the effects of massage are cumulative and a course of massage treatments will bring you the most benefits. Regular massage can have the effect of strengthening and toning the entire body mechanism, and so help to prevent unnecessary strains and injuries that might otherwise occur due to excess tension and any resulting structural weaknesses.

Massage can stimulate or calm the nervous system-depending upon what is required by the individual-and thus help reduce fatigue, leaving the receiver with a feeling of replenished energy. At its best, massage has the potential to restore the individual physically, mentally and spiritually.