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     A satisfying experience will leave you floating on cloud 9.  Our clients continue to say this is the best massage they’ve had. Tantric Fireside’s guests continuously come back to book sessions, so treat yourself right, book your session today.

     Specializing in individual male massage, we also have a ‘4 Hand Massage‘ option that gives the best of both worlds. Two masseurs, a choice of Two men or a man and a woman, immerse you in the healing energies of their touch allowing you to reconnect with your body and mind. Feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy your session to the fullest.

     Available options include:

‘Blindfold work’ which taps into an even deeper level of tantric massage that our clients love. 

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ special, adds a level of anonymity to the Tantric Massage experience.  Contact Tantric Fireside for consultation about this method of massage.

‘Four Hand’ Massages: Man plus Man or Man plus Woman, so you can feel the touch that will allow you to open up and reach deeper levels of relaxation.

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How we do Tantric Massage:

    Our Tantric Massage techniques are known to relieve stress, stimulate the metabolism and may even help boost your immune system. Subtle, yet erotic Tantric Massage may also help improve your hormonal balance.

     Our most popular offer, a four hand massage, features sensual, warm oil, deep tissue tantric massage to balance and align your body’s energy. Combining physical touch with energy, we deliver the best experience possible.

     Our massage table is professional, clean, and relaxing. We are always ready and welcome. Every Tantric massage starts by focusing on your peace of mind. Starting with Calm music, and various aroma-therapies, set to soothe and relax your mind and body in harmony. 

     Available for in-calls at our seasonal locations in New York and Florida or out-calls to a convenient place you specify, each Tantric Massage session is tailored for your comfort.

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Tantric Massage you Trust

     With years of training and practical experience, we work from the heart, finding problem areas and working as needed, we listen and understand the unique needs of each client.

     At Tantric FireSide we have an amazing sense of compassion and intuition. Our Massage therapy remains discreet, personable, and catering to your bodies every need.

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Massage Therapist

Him& Him or Him & Her Massage:


  • 4 Hand Massage
  • Body to Body
  • Healing Massage
  • ’50 Shades’ Special

Standard Massage:


  • Healing Massage
  • Body to Body
  • Tantric Massage
  • Blindfold Work – Includes ‘Eyes Wide Shut option’ (Contact for details)

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Seasonal Locations are:

Near the Nomad Section of Manhattan, off 27th, Park south

Near the Windemere area of Florida

Contact us to schedule an appointment at a location that is convenient for you.

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Therapist’s Message

     I have spent my career trying to help people and I believe that a massage should be a combination of the physical and spiritual. A healing touch can affect the body and soul. No amount of training can provide the personal, empathetic approach I use with people.

     My initial assessment starts with listening to determine what parts of the body need attention, what is the right kind of touch, and consideration of short and long term goals. The assessment includes developing insight into the psychological factors that cause tensions in the body.

     A welcoming environment, including soothing music, soft lighting and aromatherapy set the stage. I  engage each individual on a level they accept and respond to. Sometimes silence, sometimes soothing encouraging conversation.

     Warm towels help relax the body and reduce tension. Depending on the person’s unique needs I use a variety of techniques. I help each person open up and accept my care and attention. I read subtle cues and body language to guide me through the entire experience. 

     Body contact can be restorative in many ways that create positive vibrations and sensations. Oils help my hands to glide across the body for a gentle, stimulating experience and assist me to go deeper and provide firmer touch for people with deeply rooted tensions. I can provide aspects of relief so a person leaves feeling better on every level.

     I encourage my clients to be verbal, to express themselves and tell me what they think, then I bring that into the session. I encourage people to leave negative thoughts and inhibitions outside and see my environment as a safe space where anything is possible.

     I enjoy a good relationship with many repeat clients and look forward to developing many more.

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